Reduce Carbon Footprints, Student Writers Urged

ILOILO CITY, Aug. 27 (PIA)—Student writers have to lead in climate change advocacy by starting to cut their carbon footprints and live a lifestyle worthy of emulation by their peers, said DENR-6 official.

Director Alice Lustica, designated climate czar for Western Visayas, told the more than 900 campus paper writers in her series of lectures during the Campus Journalism seminar workshops held July to August this year, spearheaded by the Philippine Information Agency here.

Lustica said while campus paper writers can disseminate information on climate change, they can be more effective if they are able to show by the way they live every day that they are reducing their carbon footprints.

She said carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of carbon dioxide induced by human activities in a given time frame.

Generally, Lustica said carbon footprints can be reduced tremendously with a change in lifestyle, like turning off lights and appliances not in use or minimize unnecessary use, be prudent in use of water, food consumption, as well as avoid use of plastics, opt for electric fans rather than air conditioning units, watching what they eat all the time

Further, carbon footprints can also be reduced through use of alternative fuels, practicing car pooling, or better still go carless most of the time, prefer locally produced food rather than pre-packaged and processed food.

Student writers can also lead in sustaining tree planting activities and maintaining community gardens in their schools and start a green roof to cool their homes and reduce pollution.

“There are so many ways so you reduce your carbon footprints, starting with yourselves as change agents,” Lustica said, as she reiterated her appeal for healthy living.

“You owe it to yourselves and to the next generations to give the world your best, by becoming aware of what you buy, eat and do,” she added.

“In the process, be a carbon cutter, and better still, a carbon hero,” Lustica said.

Lustica served as lecturers for all the training sessions in Panay, with students representing their school publications from colleges, universities, public and private high schools.

The series of lectures on climate change were components of the joint advocacy campaign of the DENR-6 and the PIA, bannered by the theme, “Nagbabago na ang Panahon, Panahon na Para Magbago.” - PIA

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