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Thousands flee fighting in Myanmar’s Shan State

Image by Rappler.com
Shan, a large and hilly province on Myanmar’s eastern border, hosts multiple insurgencies by ethnic minorities fighting for greater autonomy or independence

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar (Mar. 14, 2016) — Thousands of civilians have fled their homes in northeastern Myanmar after a recent upswing in fighting between ethnic minority rebels and the army, combatants and witnesses said on Sunday, March 13.

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Schools constantly at risk of natural, man-made hazards

In this file photo, Marilyn Indiano, 35, carries her two-month-old baby Justine inside an evacuation building in a slum area in Baseco district, Manila, Philippines, December 7, 2014, during Typhoon Hagupit. Dennis Sabangan/EPA
Philippine schools are battered every year by typhoons and floods. In some areas, they have to somehow go through an academic year amid the threat of armed conflict.

February 18, 2016 — Schools in the Philippines regularly face challenges few other educational systems around the world have to deal with: frequent exposure to different kinds of hazards or disasters.

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UN, NGOs demand end to Syria ‘carnage’

A general view taken on April 6, 2015 shows destruction in Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Stringer/AFP/File
‘In the name of our shared humanity… For the sake of the millions of innocents who have already suffered so much, and for the millions more whose lives and futures hang in the balance, we call for action now’

GENEVA, Switzerland (Jan. 21, 2016) — Around 100 UN agencies and other humanitarian organizations on Thursday, January 21, called on citizens worldwide to join an appeal to end the “carnage” in Syria as the conflict there approached its sixth year.

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