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Plenty of fish in the sea

aceh, indonesia
In this file photo, group of fishermen empty their nets at a beach of the Indian Ocean in Aceh, Indonesia, December 22, 2015.Hotli Simanjuntak/EPA
The world is withdrawing from a joint bank account of fish without knowing what has been withdrawn, or the remaining balance

PARIS, France (Jan. 21, 2016) — The global fisheries catch has been underestimated by more than half since 1950, with tens of millions of tons unreported every year, said a study Tuesday, January 19, warning that stocks may be running low.

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Rampaging elephants force Myanmar villagers to tree-top refuge

ELEPHANT SCARE. A man working in the field in Taik Kyi village on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. The elephants are searching for foods in the places where his people live. Photo by Ye Aung Thu / AFP
Villagers from a farming community say they had to build taller houses to keep them safe from the wild elephants

TAIK KYI, Myanmar (Jan. 16, 2016) — Pushed from their forest home by encroaching farm land, wild elephants are driving fearful villagers in a Myanmar township to seek refuge in tree houses while the animals storm their rice paddies looking for food.

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Weather extremes slash cereal yields

Wheat and other cereal crops in developed countries such as Australia have been decimated. Image: CSIRO via Wikimedia Commons
Increasing intensity of heat and drought as a result of global warming may have caused worldwide cereal harvests to be cut by up to a tenth since the mid-1960s

January 13, 2016 — Climate change may have already begun to take its toll of agriculture. New research suggests that drought and extreme heat in the last 50 years have reduced cereal production by up to 10%. And, for once, developed nations may have sustained greater losses than developing nations.

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