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Gina Lopez ‘surprised, disappointed’ by CA votes

gina lopez
BUSINESS INTERESTS VS COMMON GOOD. Former environment secretary Gina Lopez laments that some lawmakers have sided with business interests over the ‘common good’ when they rejected her appointment. File photo by Jasmin Dulay

‘My experience with them is that these were persons of principle,’ says the former environment chief of some lawmakers who voted against her confirmation

MANILA, Philippines (May 4, 2017) — Former environment secretary Gina Lopez said on Thursday, May 4, that she was “surprised and disappointed” with the decision of some members of the Commission on Appointments (CA) to vote against her appointment. Continue reading Gina Lopez ‘surprised, disappointed’ by CA votes

‘Is someone lying?’ CA votes on Gina Lopez don’t add up

gina lopez
SECRET VOTING. The Commission on Appointments has yet to release the individual votes of CA members on the rejection of former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez.

Due to the secret voting done by the Commission on Appointments, the public can only take the lawmakers’ word whether they voted to confirm or reject the environment secretary

MANILA, Philippines (May 4, 2017) — Someone is lying in the 25-member Commission on Appointments (CA), but with the new policy on secret voting, it is hard to determine who. Continue reading ‘Is someone lying?’ CA votes on Gina Lopez don’t add up