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Boat people face lifetime ban from Australia

asylum seekers arriving by boat
THE UNWANTED. Australia has faced criticism in the past over its policies against asylum seekers arriving by boat. In this photo, a Rohingya migrant eats food dropped by a Thai army helicopter on May 14, 2015. Photo by Christophe Archambault / AFP

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says it is necessary to send an ‘absolutely, unflinching, unequivocal message’ that boat people will never be allowed in Australia

SYDNEY, Australia (Oct. 30, 2016) — Australia moved Sunday, October 30, to bar any refugee or asylum-seeker who arrives in the country illegally by boat from ever being able to apply for a visa, even as tourists or for business.  Continue reading Boat people face lifetime ban from Australia

EU leaders push migrant plan ahead of Turkey summit

refugee camp
A young migrant runs through the refugee camp at the border between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) near Idomeni, Northern Greece, March 15, 2016. Nake Batev/EPA
EU president Donald Tusk warns that hard work lies ahead to finalize the deal, after Cyprus threatened to derail it over long-standing disagreements with Turkey

BRUSSELS, Belgium (Mar. 16, 2016) — European leaders launch a charm offensive to win backing for a migrant deal with Turkey on Wednesday, March 16, seeking to heal rifts between member states on the eve of a key summit with Ankara.

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German officials horrified by anti-migrant mobs in eastern state

A refugee cries as he arrives at the main station in Dortmund, western Germany, on September 6, 2015. AFP PHOTO / DPA / MAJA HITIJ GERMANY OUT
A group of 20 to 30 apparently drunken onlookers applauded as fire took hold in a former hotel being converted into home for asylum seekers in the town of Bautzen in Saxony state

BERLIN, Germany (Feb. 22, 2016) — Shocked German officials on Sunday, February 21, condemned two “disgusting” incidents involving anti-migrant mobs in the ex-communist east of the Continue reading German officials horrified by anti-migrant mobs in eastern state

Canada welcomes 10,000th Syrian refugee

justin trudeau
In this file photo, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talks to a Syrian refugee child upon arriving at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, December 11, 2015. Photo courtesy Canadian Prime Minister’s Office
Immigration Minister John McCallum calls it a ‘significant milestone’ on the way to meeting the Liberal’s overall pledge to take in 25,000 Syrians

OTTAWA, Canada (Jan. 14, 2016) — Canada has welcomed its 10,000th Syrian refugee, the government announced Wednesday, January 13, although almost two weeks behind schedule and far fewer than it had originally planned to resettle by now.

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