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Nestlé, Mars and Hershey ‘breaking promises over palm oil use’

palm oil plantation in sumatra, indonesia
Forest land cleared for palm oil plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia. Photograph: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

This year’s Halloween confectionery will contain palm oil grown on land that should lawfully be habitat to orangutans, rhinos and clouded leopards, despite commitment to clean up supply chains

October 27, 2017 — Nestlé, Mars and Hershey have been accused of breaking pledges to stop using “conflict palm oil” from deforested Indonesian jungles, just days before the annual Halloween confectionery frenzy. Continue reading Nestlé, Mars and Hershey ‘breaking promises over palm oil use’

Nestle tackles ‘ocean-polluter’ tag in Philippines

nestle as ocean polluter
Image by Rappler.com

In a report released in Manila last week, environmental group Greenpeace tags the Philippines as the ‘third-worst polluter into the world’s oceans’ after China and Indonesia

MANILA, Philippines (Sept. 27, 2017) — Global food and beverage giant Nestle vowed on Tuesday, September 26, to address allegations by Greenpeace that it was polluting the world’s oceans with cheap plastic packaging for its Philippine products. Continue reading Nestle tackles ‘ocean-polluter’ tag in Philippines