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What we need to know on ISIS and Jakarta Attacks

TARGET. The Starbucks coffee shop in Jakarta attacked by terrorists last week. File photo by Rappler
Here are 4 reasons why last week’s attacks mark a significant development in the threat landscape of Southeast Asia

MANILA, Philippines (Jan. 18, 2016) — I knew the neighborhood of last week’s Jakarta attacks well because for nearly 20 years, I worked in that building. That was “our” Starbucks.

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ISIS ‘brand’ spreading worldwide

BLACK FLAG RISING. ISIS supporters gathered at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in the middle of Jakarta’s central business district on June 20, 2014. Photo from Twitter user @allyn3237
ISIS has announced it allegiance to extremist groups in 8 countries and claims it has directed or inspired attacks in at least 17 countries, killing around 1,000 people

PARIS, France (Jan. 17, 2016) — The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group may be losing ground in its strongholds of Iraq and Syria but as the attack in Indonesia this month showed, the jihadists are rallying other groups under their banner, analysts say.

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Indonesia identifies convicted militant in Jakarta attacks

JAKARTA BLAST. Seven people, including five suspected attackers, died in bomb blasts and gunfire in the centre of the Indonesian capital Jakarta on 14 January, police said. Photo by Roni Bintang/EPA
Authorities say a militant named Afif is one of the five attackers in Thursday’s incident

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Jan. 16, 2016) — Indonesia has identified one of 5 attackers in the deadly Jakarta violence as a previously jailed militant, whose picture snapped amid the mayhem, went viral in the country as the grim face of Islamic extremism.

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