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Growing evidence linking Zika to microcephaly

zika virus
ZIKA VIRUS. A picture made available on February 12, 2016 of Patricia Vieira de Araujo (L) holding her one-month-old granddaughter Manuelly Araujo da Cruz, who was born with microcephaly after being exposed to the Zika virus during her mother’s pregnancy, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 11, 2016. Photo by Antonio Lacerda/EPA
‘We are still dealing with a very much evolving situation,’ says Bruce Aylward, WHO chief on outbreaks and health emergencies

GENEVA, Switzerland (Feb. 20, 2016) — The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday, February 19, it could still take months to determine for certain that the Zika virus causes the serious birth defect microcephaly, but said evidence was growing.

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WHO declares international health emergency over Zika

Dominican Air Force personnel fumigate various locations in Santo Domingo against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, on January 23, 2016 (AFP Photo/Erika Santelices)
The World Health Organization on Monday said a surge in serious birth defects in South America was “strongly suspected” of being caused by the Zika virus and constituted an international health emergency

Geneva (Feb. 2, 2016) — The UN health body said that a surge in cases of microcephaly — a devastating condition in which a baby is born with an abnormally small head and brain — was likely caused by Continue reading WHO declares international health emergency over Zika