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Brazil military fight mosquitoes, flower pot to flower pot

zika outbreak
ON THE FRONTLINE. Armed forces members check a house during operations within a national mobilization against the Aedes aegypti mosquito -which transmits dengue, chikungunya fever and zika virus– in a rural area in Brazlândia, 45 km northwest of Brasilia, on February 15, 2016. Some 220,000 members of the armed forces have been deployed as part of an awareness campaign throughout Brazil until February 18. AFP PHOTO / EVARISTO SA / AFP / EVARISTO SA
Brazil’s main strategy is to attack the mosquito itself – and the involvement of the military is seen as giving the country at least a fighting chance

SAO GONÇALO, Brazil (Feb. 16, 2016) — The Brazilian military men surrounded the white bucket Monday, February 15, and moved in – the Zika-transmitting mosquito larvae didn’t stand a chance.

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Zika outbreak won’t compromise Olympics

dilma rouseff
Brazil President Dilma Rousseff. AFP file photo
Meanwhile, a health official warns that Zika is likely to spread to densely populated areas of the country

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Feb. 14, 2016) — The presence of the Zika virus in Brazil won’t compromise the Olympics in August, President Dilma Rousseff vowed on Saturday, February 13, as soldiers went door-to-door across the country to share key tips on how to stem the outbreak.

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