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Huge Antarctic ice block poised to snap off

larsen c
LARSEN C. This file photo released by the NASA on December 1, 2016 shows what scientists on NASA’s IceBridge mission photographed in a view of a massive rift in the Antarctic Peninsula’s Larsen C ice shelf on November 10, 2016. File photo by Maria-Jose Vinas/NASA/AFP

When it finally calves from the Larsen C ice shelf, one of the biggest icebergs in recorded history will be set adrift – some 6,600 square kilometers (2,550 square miles) in total, according to the European Space Agency (ESA)

PARIS, France (Jul. 5, 2017) —  A chunk of ice bigger than the US state of Delaware is hanging by a thread from the West Antarctic ice shelf, satellite images revealed on Wednesday, July 5. Continue reading Huge Antarctic ice block poised to snap off