Brgy. Apopong — BDR-SSP Pilot

Barangay Apopong

Population and Land

Barangay Apopong has 46,3844 [ Philippine Statistics Authority – Population 2015 Census ( ] total population across its 55 puroks. It has 9,4355  household (HH) population [General Santos City Socio-Economic Profile 2014 ], and out of this number, are 3,3216 HHs (35.2%) [ General Santos City The General Santos City Census of 2011 (CityCen 2011) ] that are identified to have a high exposure to natural hazards. An estimated 2,2277 (23.60%) of its HHs [ Socio-Economic and Housing Data Survey (BDR-SSP, 2015) ] are informal settler families (ISFs), most of which live in Purok San Lorenzo Ruiz and Purok 13-Lanton. Majority 1,5818 HHs (70.99%) [ Socio-Economic and Housing Data Survey (BDR-SSP, 2015) ] of the ISFs are concentrated in Purok San Lorenzo Ruiz.

A total of 2,227 household population of informal settlers is at risk residing along danger areas: riverside of Puroks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13 along Makar River, Lanton: Purok 4, 5 extension, 6, Sto. Niño along Sinawal River; Purok San Lorenzo Ruiz along Silway River are affected by flooding. Majority of them are house owners with single detached structures, their housing materials were dominantly light and having GI sheets for their roof.

Barangay Apopong is located in the Northwestern side of the City of General Santos along National Highway going to Marbel, Koronadal, South Cotabato (now Koronadal City) about five kilometers away from the City. The word “Apopong” is a B’laan term, which means “Heart”.

The Barangay has a total land area of approximately 1,9079 hectares (19.07 sq. kms.) [ General Santos City Socio-Economic Profile 2014 ]. The Barangay of Apopong is known in having big tracts of land for cattle, sheep and goat raising, and, plantations of mangoes and pineapples. Many of its HHs are farm workers, warehouse men on nearby warehouses, contractual workers of canning, tin can factories and business establishments while others are street food vendors on nearby schools and institutions (e.g. churches, commercial establishments, etc.).

Composite Hazard Map (H1-H5) with information from the BDR-SSP Process, DENR-MGB and CDRRMO

< insert here > Summary of the Identified Hazards in the Two (2) Purok of Barangay Apopong

Hazard identified in the Purok Main Problem Affected Purok No. Affected HHs Purok HHs Pop'n
Hazard 1
Flood due to Makar River overflow

Purok 13 Lanton

71 (11%) Survey

80 (12.4%)
Tagged HHs

646 (6.85%) out of
9,435 HHs in the Brgy

Hazard 2
Flood due to Silway River overflow

Purok San Lorenzo

75 (4.7%) Survey

80 (5%)
Tagged HHs

1,581 (16.76%) out of
9,435 HHs in the Brgy

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